I first started shooting events many years ago when they were called ‘videos‘ and not ‘films‘. Recently, I split my time between Europe, Australia and the US and pursued other related careers, most notably as a cruise ship photo manager and television commercials director.  During 2014, I played a key-role with ‘Greeks Of The Sea’ a documentary series aired in Australia. 

Watching couples watch and react to the films I make is why I do what I do. The incredible sense of accomplishment I receive is why I love this art form, it’s real, pure and free of bias. We live in crazy times, it’s time to get back to basics, creating films that come from the heart whilst helping couples love and stay in love, as they watch their films over and over again. We create simple little films or full productions, spend as little or as much time as required. 

Art, in the true sense of the word, needs to have been created uninhibited. If a financial exchange is promised for the completion of said art, and the exchange has client directives attached, you can argue that the result will not be a ‘true’ work of art. True works of art, are usually non-commissioned personal works, where the artist has an intense need to express themselves, and does so freely and uninhibited. An artist is happiest when they reach status and are allowed to create commissioned works uninhibited. I like to think that I have reached a point where the clients that come to me, do so, because they are ready to put their trust in my vision. Are you ready to let me create a personal piece of art that truly speaks to you?

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