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From this film’s conception, we and the client both agreed that nobody wants to be ‘sold to’.  Once a marketer has done their job of getting a potential customer to the client website, the film should act as a ‘soft sell’ means of making potential customers aware of all amenities Dome Resort had to offer, which consequently will lead to bookings. The client also wanted to sell themselves as a wedding ceremony/reception venue and the fact that they took special care in creating personalised tours for their valued guests.

Creatively speaking, we wanted to convey that no matter how the viewer may be feeling right now, once they have been pampered by the staff at Dome Resort, they will feel much better. This meant we would start of slow with mysterious undertones in order to capture the viewer’s attention, and finish on a feeling which left the audience with a warm fuzzy feeling towards the end. This approach would ultimately result in the maximum amount of contrast between the start and the end of the film.

A special thanks to Sepia Souls for beautifully scoring the soundtrack as well as everyone else involved, you know who you are 🙂

Classical Jewellery Designs In Greece

Inspiring Designs

When the client approached us, they had a pretty clear idea about what they wanted to show in the film, they just didn’t know how to say or visualise it. Once we learnt about their creations, and most importantly, how their creations are conceived and where they are inspired from, visuals instantly came flooding into our heads, we were excited because we knew we had the basis of more then just a promo film but rather, a concept promo if you like. In short the client wanted to emphasise how their creations are very much inspired by the Aegean Islands.

Poniros are a 3rd generation jewellery manufacturer and retailer in Greece. Their designs are definitely very unique, many celebrities and hollywood’s A-list who have purchased their designs certainly can’t be wrong.

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Stills: Makis Tseledis and Christos Drazoz
Assistant: Roman Galaba
Voice-over: Michelle Breslin

Thanks to:
GRACE Hotel Imerovigli for letting us use their facilities
Van Gogh’s ‘Field of Yellow Flowers’ – if he is watching from the heavens

Santorini Greece Wedding Films by Aegean Films

500K views and counting.

In this film, we tried to show that despite all the modern day craziness in this world, there are still corners of this globe one can run to, to forget about ‘things’.

Each cliff-side town dotted throughout the island faces the sun at a different angle, this meant that the rising sun would sweep through some towns faster then others, something that required observation when calculating the time-lapses within.

Special thanks to Tamas & Angela Uhelszki for helping out in this shoot. Also Special thanks to Brisbane boys Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones of  Savage Garden > for giving us their blessing to use their soundtrack.

Between vimeo and several other sites, this film has almost racked up 500K views, 100s of comments and has been embedded on over 1,000+ web-sites. Freedom has gone on to become the unofficial short film of Santorini. Which place in the world would you like me to film next and why?

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