Date:   July 23, 2014

Choices, we make hundreds of them a day, most insignificant, others, life-changing.

When we think about the goals in our lives that we wish to achieve,  we sometimes think about them so intensely, that we loose sight of the steps we must take, in order to achieve them.

For Bilal, it was simple, he had to let her know how he felt, but life got in the way, years had past and she had no clue, until one day, when Bilal knew what needed to happen, he had to make a decisive Choice. He hopped on a plane, back to his native Lebanon, not knowing exactly where to find her or even if she still frequented their old neighbourhood coffee shop, letting chance take its course.

The magic happened one beautiful April morning. Although Farah hasn’t visited the coffee shop for over two years, just by chance, on that specific day, the day he had come thousands of miles to find her, the same day Farah was meant to be at work, she happened to decide to take a day off work and study at the coffee shop. Armed with her books, and the numerous highlighter pens that she is known to use, it was inevitable then that the two would meet again, and they did, and as they say, the rest is history.

Farah / Bilal, thank you for placing your trust in our vision.

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Cinematography: Aegean Films
Ceremony: Dana Villas
Wedding Planner:
Reception: Rocabella Santorini
Hair & Make-Up: Froni Stamatiadou
Harpist: Harp ‘Eri

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