Santorini in all it's awe

Date:   September 18, 2013

500K views and counting.

In this film, we tried to show that despite all the modern day craziness in this world, there are still corners of this globe one can run to, to forget about ‘things’.

Each cliff-side town dotted throughout the island faces the sun at a different angle, this meant that the rising sun would sweep through some towns faster then others, something that required observation when calculating the time-lapses within.

Special thanks to Tamas & Angela Uhelszki for helping out in this shoot. Also Special thanks to Brisbane boys Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones of  Savage Garden > for giving us their blessing to use their soundtrack.

Between vimeo and several other sites, this film has almost racked up 500K views, 100s of comments and has been embedded on over 1,000+ web-sites. Freedom has gone on to become the unofficial short film of Santorini. Which place in the world would you like me to film next and why?

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